Event: Investing in The Netherlands & learning how to trade


Investing & trading

Do you want to integrate within The Netherlands and at the same time utilize your time to do so without -so to speak- wasting time?

Well, what about listening to tips about how to invest in The Netherlands? Learning how to trade and tricks of the trade? In other words, how to be Penny wise and NOT € foolish?

Interested? Wonderful!

Please, join us when we meet up for an Investing in The Netherlands event. Since the location is on Amsterdam Zuidas on a Wednesday evening, we aim to facilitate you every which way we can!

What can you expect?

• We welcome you with a bite to eat.
• An introduction to investing en learning to trade.
• Meeting new people.
• An networking.

Corine Stavenuiter, investment coach

Who will tell you the tricks of the trade?

Corine Stavenuiter

Corine who?

Corine is a practical person who believes in working smarter not harder. She enjoys working thoroughly, though efficiently. Corine used to be a personal assistant. Having worked amongst others in finance and the insurance business, she has always been interested in ‘how the money making world’ works.
As such she started to follow her next education; investments and trading. She is now a full grown investor and trader, interested in helping you help yourself!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

And after that: every third Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM.


Amsterdam Zuidas.(location to be announced)


06:00-06:30 PM Welcoming & … bites
07:00-08:30 PM First half of tips & tricks on ‘investing’ by Corine
08:30-08:45 PM Coffee & tea break
08:45-09:30 PM Second half of tips & tricks ‘learning how to trade’ by Corine
09:30-10:00 PM Network number of participants:

Number of participants


Entrance fee:

€ …. Inclusive of VAT