Expat spouses meet up

Expat spouses meet up for lunch on the beach @ Meet Expats

Expat spouses meet up

Are you an expat spouse? Do you want to get to know people in The Netherlands?

If so, then maybe Meet Expats is an interesting social network for you too.


Come and join us!

Finding your way around in another country is not always that easy. Of course you can get your groceries from the supermarket, have a chat with a local baker, but the chance you’ll be friends is rather small.

That’s why we started Meet Expats. We aim to have internationals, their spouses and the Dutch not only work together but become better acquainted. As such, we started with a few small events. The one for the expat spouses is Expat spouses meet up for lunch on the beach (one or 5 sessions), where we’ll talk in English and Dutch (!) on the Dutch culture and have you getting more comfortable in mastering the Dutch language as well.

Again, the aim is to socialize. I personally think that learning should be fun. So, we mix learning with pleasure – enjoying the location and a nice meal!


IJmuiden aan Zee

IJmuiden aan Zee is a coastal city about half an hour from Amsterdam. It has a very wide beach, where some of the beach pavillions are open all year round. Whenever the wind blows (so most of the time at the coast) you will see sailboats and (kite)surfers. Since IJmuiden aan Zee is also situated at the Noordzeekanaal, may freighters and cruiseships sail into or from Amsterdam.

Do you come by car? Parking space enough. Or would you rather travel by bus? From Amsterdam there is (most of the time) a direct line, 82, to IJmuiden aan Zee (last stop).


Have you got any questions?

Or maybe even ideas? Will you come and join?