Happy New Year!

New Year's Dive @ IJmuiden aan Zee

Happy New Year!

The New Years Plunge

The New Years Plunge was a success again in IJmuiden. In spite of the icy cold weather, though no frost, a polar wind and high waves, many heroic dare devils plunged into the North sea.


It started with music that, just before the countdown, went faster and faster. The participants jumped on the rhythm of the music, while encouraging themselves while chanting and at the end the countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

There they went. Running up to the large waves. Although the water is still warmer than the temperature on land, plunging into the North sea in your bathing suit on January 1st is not my idea of fun. Brrrr
Anyway, the life guards were already waiting at the sea shore, that is, really in the water and made sure they could not go further than a couple of yards into the water. This, because of the rough sea, the high waves.

Warming up

After the plunge the New Years Plunge dare devils dressed warmly again and enjoyed a hot cup of pea soup (‘snert’ in Dutch), drank a hot chocolate and probably some liquor to warm up as well!

Did you miss seeing the plunge yourself?
Here’s a bit of what you missed.

To all of you:

Happy New Year!
May 2017 bring you good health, lots of luck and success!

Take care,